June 18, 2018

Relaxing Day

Monday, June 18

I didn’t make an entry – it was just a relaxed day visiting Capitol Reef. It wasn’t quite as crowded as on Sunday. Checked out the old barn, the farmer’s house, and the visitor’s center. 

Called FreedomPop support on Monday morning about why the hotspot won’t work.  Spent a long time with an Indian first-level help desk.He had me try to update the PRS (setting) twice but it failed both times. He did do something that actually got 2 bars of reception showing but I was still not able to connect to a web page. He said he would refer it to the next level and that I would get an email about it. Of course, I can’t check the email until I get reception. Catch-22. 

Relaxed at the camp site and then drove to Torrey to try to get internet to decide where to go next. Used the free wi-fii at the general store in Torrey. We decided to head south on SR12.