June 19, 2018

Finding New Boondocking Site

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Packed up about 10 or 11 and went to the Capitol Reef campground to dump ad refill water. ($5).Got fuel in Torrey and then headed south on SR12. We were watching for the Singletree Campground on 12, but never saw any signs for it. There were also supposed to be two other campgrounds along that 10 mile stretch, but we never saw them. Came to the Rest Area on SR12 that we had found on the internet. I talked to a woman at the Information Center and she recommended a boon docking  area that was just south of the rest area by about 50 yards (also unmarked). We pulled in and there was plenty of space to turn around. We’re not too far off the road, but the road is not heavily traveled. There was one other camper when we arrived (about 12) with a truck, equipment trailer, and a 4-wheeler. Later in the day another camper and a group of teens that I think are a Mormon group (their equipment trailer said Ward 1 on it). So far they haven’t been excessively noisy. 

There’s a bear warning poster on one of the trees here – the thought of running into bears does make me feel a bit nervous, but that’s how it is in all the mountainous areas. Elevation is about 8000 feet and is heavily treed with tall, long-needled pines. The ground is covered with pine needles that are so dry that they crunch underfoot. A real fire hazard, and Forest Service signs say that the fire danger is very high. The lady at the information center recommended against having a campfire. No worries – we never have them. 

Plans for Tomorrow

Tomorrow we may unhitch and drive down the road to the Anasazi Indian State Park, which looks to be no more than about 10 miles away. We have no cell reception on Verizon or AT&T, so we’re stuck with using maps. Not a good feeling to not be able to call anyone either. At least that Visitor’s Center is just up the road in case of emergency. 

I noticed as we were coming through the mountains that the coolant temp on the truck was hovering over 212 and went as high as 217. And the truck seemed to be working awfully hard and going awfully slow on the mountains. I don’t remember it being like that before. I don’t know what the max temp is for coolant but that seems high to me. Checked the manuals and the truck takes a special type of coolant – OAT or something like that. Important not to use some other type! Manual says there’s a coolant level dipstick inside the coolant reservoir container. Will check it in the morning when it’s cold. Oil temp was about 200 and Transmission temp was about 185 — those seemed ok. I’m just worried about the coolant temp. The outside temperature was only 70. I would think that would keep the engine cool even when it’s working hard on the mountains.